Thank You Universe Tank

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Start your day by saying thank you to the Universe. Thanking the Universe is a simple act that can reward you with the abundance in your life that you are looking for. Wear this shirt and think of something positive that is happening in your life now or a desire that is soon to manifest in your life, and thank the Universe for including it in your experience. Your attitude of gratitude will raise your vibration and naturally attract your desires into your physical reality. By appreciating one thing and keeping the positive momentum going, you are focusing your energy on all good things.

Live with passion, have joy in your heart, and feel gratitude in your soul. Let this shirt be a reminder of your lifelong journey to happiness and remember that the Universe loves to give to a grateful heart.

Made out of a soft and flowy polyester viscose blend, this spiritual racerback tank is incredibly comfortable and perfect for everyday wear.

Color: White

Fabric: Polyester Viscose Blend

Care: Wash inside-out with cold water and hang dry or tumble dry on low. Read more here: Care Instructions

Sizing: Model is 5’7" and wearing a size large. Click below for more sizing information.