Crystal Bracelets for Manifestation and Transformation

If the way that you're experiencing your life feels out of alignment with the life you want to's time to see things differently.

everlur crystal bracelets serve as a daily reminder of your power to manifest anything you desire without limitation. With every glimpse of the crystals on your wrist, think, feel, and speak in new ways and embody the most abundant version of you.

Love . Relationship . Self-Love . Self-Confidence . Connection . Community

You are worthy of giving and receiving love. Heal your broken heart to receive the kinds of connections you desire. Unconditional love including self-love, romantic love, a love for life, meaningful relationships, and a beautiful community are waiting for you.

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Money . Wealth . Financial Abundance . Success . Career

Use crystals for money and prosperity if you desire to attract more money, success in your career, or your dream job into your life. Heal your limiting beliefs about money and start manifesting like a rich babe. It's time to attract the kind of financial success you deserve.

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Health . Wellbeing . Wellness . Mental Health . Physical Health

If you desire to heal from a physical illness, improve your mental health, or simply continue to live a healthy lifestyle, crystal bracelets for health and wellness are a must-have in your journey. You have the power to manifest a healthy mind and body. Without resistance it will flow through you in abundance.

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Motivation . Creativity . Inspiration . Passion

Are you lacking motivation, feel confused or stuck, yearning for clarity? Reconnect with your creative nature and awaken your inner passion with this powerful crystal bracelet collection. Your higher self has all of the answers. Trust that it will provide you with the inspiration and passion needed to succeed in life.

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Protection . Energy Clearing

Use crystal bracelets for protection and energy clearing to release negative energy from your mind, body, and spirit. Protect yourself from outside influences so you can feel a sense of peace and clarity. You are safe. You are secure. You are divinely protected.

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Peace . Harmony . Balance . Alignment

When you are feeling off-balance, anxious, or stressed, use the bracelets in this collection to find peace and harmony. Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and change how you respond to life. Use the grounding energies of these bracelets to center yourself and live in the moment. When we learn to live peacefully no matter what comes our way, magic has a way of unfolding in our life.

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Spirituality . Meditation . Gratitude . Intuition . Inner Wisdom

Deepen your mediation practice and connection to Source/God/The Divine with the help of this powerful crystal bracelets collection. Calm your mind and use these crystals as your daily mantra to activate your inner wisdom, deepen your intuition, and connection to yourself and higher realms.

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Be a part of the ripple of positive change in the world

When you create a life that's truly fulfilling, you become a part of a ripple of positive change in the world, an energy that's contagious and impacts the lives of the people around you.

everlur bracelets serve as a tool to teach and remind you that the powerful creator of your you! Guiding you to release your fears, focus on your life's vision, and feel like the most abundant version of you. From this state, you're not only thriving but also helping the people around you thrive.

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