Affiliate Referral Program

Become a everlur partner and earn a commission sharing your favorite products with friends, family, and your social followers. 

Get 15% for every sale you refer! You don't have to purchase any store inventory. Simply share the benefits of your favorite everlur bracelets or apparel and earn a commission on every sale. 

Share your unique discount code, and encourage everyone to buy using your discount code. When someone uses your unique discount code, you will automatically earn your 15% commission. You will also have a unique referral link/url that you can share to ensure you are credited for sales you refer.

You will be able to change your settings, customize your coupon code, or get custom referral links for your favorite products on our referral portal. 

Our referral program is very simple:

There is no required purchase to get started.
There is no inventory to keep on hand.
Show off your favorite products and earn a commission on every sale.
We take care of inventory and shipping for you. 

We do recommend that you own some everlur products so you can easily share the looks and intention of our products with your sphere. Once you have signed up for the program and have been approved, we will send you a coupon code to place a personal order. 

If you are ready to get started with this opportunity and to spread love and healing through everlur's products, visit our affiliate portal to join.

If you are interested in purchasing our products at wholesale for your retail space, you can check out our Wholesale Program.