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Saba and Shokouh, founders of everlur, a spiritual clothing & jewelry brand.
We are Saba and Shokouh, sisters and founders of everlur. 
We were born in Esfahan, Iran. Growing up in a suppressed county where women are considered 2nd class citizens we were forced to flee the city to survive the horror of the war, watched our father go through political imprisonment, and other family members get executed by a barbaric government. After our father was released from prison we fled the country and immigrated to Germany in 1994 and to the US about twelve years later.  
Our family of five was forced to start a brand new life in a new country and squeezed into a 500 sq foot apartment for 2 years. Growing up, we watched our parents work tirelessly to provide for the family while having to learn a new language and integrate into a new culture. 
 We were taught that only formal education and hard work would make us successful and that we had to devote our lives to a “respected” profession to become wealthy.
We both obtained our masters degrees and went out to work for corporate America thinking it would bring us more money and happiness. Realizing that our jobs were neither fulfilling us nor willing to pay us the salaries we desired we finally decided to take control of our lives. 
We started our own journey to happiness. 
We both got obsessed with the principles of Law of Attraction, manifestation, and the power of our mind. We spent months listening to podcasts, youtube videos, and reading books. We changed our lifestyle, our thoughts, our mindset about money, and re-evaluated our desires. We realized that we had been living with so many limiting beliefs that were literally blocking us from living and manifesting the abundance that we deserved. We continuously used these laws in our daily lives and watched our lives transform. We manifested love, more money, brand new homes, new cars, travel, children, pets, friends, health, happiness and more. 
Owning our own business had always been a dream of ours but seemed scary and unattainable for years. However, as soon as we changed our mindset we almost immediately came up with the idea to create a business that would inspire others to go on their own journey to happiness.
We randomly decided to name our business everlur and came to realize a couple of months later that the name everlur entailed the name “lur”, which is the name of the nomadic Iranian tribe that our father was born into. We knew that this was a sign from the universe telling us to forever remember our lur-i roots, to always remember where we came from, and the lives we have created for ourselves over the years.  
We now know with one hundred percent certainty that 
we are Powerful Creators with the ability to be or have anything we want without limitations.
No matter what your background is, what environment you grew up in, what traumas you have endured, or how much money you have in your bank account right now, you are a Powerful Creator. Definiteness of purpose and willpower is what it takes to achieve the life of your dreams regardless of what your background is.
Today I manifest my dreams.
The everlur brand was created to make you feel empowered and be a reminder of your continuous spiritual journey.
Our apparel and gemstone bead jewelry is specifically designed to raise your vibration so you can manifest your desires just like we do everyday. Even though we all have our own unique stories and go through tough times we are all creators with the ability to live a fulfilled life. We hope that the products we have created will inspire and remind you to always go after your dreams.

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Be a Powerful Creator
Saba and Shokouh, founders of everlur, a spiritual clothing & jewelry brand.