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Whether you want to improve your health, finances, career, your love life, or simply live more peacefully, everlur manifestation bracelets are designed to free your mind of any resistant thoughts, patterns, and beliefs so you can create lasting change across all areas of your life. Are you ready to feel like the most abundant version of you? Transform yourself so you can transform the world around you.
Black and pink heart symbolizing manifesting love, relationships, connections, and community.

Love & Connection

Love . Relationship . Self-Love . Self-Confidence . Connection . Community

Money flower in a pot symbolizing manifesting wealth.

Wealth & Success

Wealth . Money . Financial Abundance . Success . Career

Stacked stones symbolizing manifesting health, wellbeing, and wellness.

Health & Wellness

Health . Wellbeing . Wellness . Mental Health . Physical Health

Light bulb symbolizing manifesting motivation, creativity, and inspiration.

Motivation & Creativity

Motivation . Creativity . Inspiration . Passion . Energy

Black and pink hamsa's hand symbolizing manifesting protection and energy clearing.

Protection & Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing . Protection

Black and pink lotus symbolizing manifesting harmony, peace, and balance.

Peace & Harmony

Peace . Harmony . Balance